The Move Right Training Method

You need your body to feel good for life. A health-minded and personalized approach to fitness will get you there.

Our unique movement-first approach to fitness combines health and wellness with better performance.

Small Group 6

A Small Group of 6 is fitness personalized to you

We have merged personal training with group fitness. Combining a regimen designed exclusively for you with the energy and camaraderie of a small group community of six
Founded on 6 Foundational Components:
  1. Care – we get to know you and your body
  2. Concentrated Assessments – where we teach you proper breathing and form
  3. Customized programming – there are no generic programs here, it’s all personalized to you, and every four weeks it progresses
  4. Coaching excellence – we are stewards of motivation, accountability, and quality training. Just walk through our doors. We’ll do the rest
  5. Convenience – we use technology to help make our schedule fit yours
  6. Community – we build community six members at a time

SG6 sessions run from 5:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

The SG6 is the only group fitness class that is actually designed for younot the group. Your goals. Your body. Your movement. It’s a lot like personal training, just with a group — and it’s within reach.

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Step 3 — Start your 21-day on-boarding with a 90-minute Movement Assessment.
Step 4 — Enjoy dedicated on-boarding only sessions and unlimited SG6 attendance for 21 days.
Step 5 — Have a monthly membership and a better life.

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Move Right KC Philosophy & Mission

“Working as a strength and conditioning coach for the Colorado Rockies baseball club, I learned that staying healthy was paramount. Resiliency rules the day.

I believe your body should never get in the way of you doing what you want to do in life. Life’s just too short to workout and train hard only to have it show up later as nagging pain.

You want to be strong, active and healthy, well,
our mission is to use movement-based personalized training (SG6) to give you the resilient body that is truly built for adventure, sport and beyond.”

Tim Crough, Founder

Tim Crough, owner of Move Right KC - Philosphy and Mission

21 day on-boarding details

Monthly Subscription Memberships

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Intro to Move Right Class

Our version of a "Drop-in" session. It’s sort of like an on-board before the on-board. 10 AM Every Saturday 

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Move Right KC Testimonials

More than a gym membership:
A progressive experience

“It’s rare in this industry to see people possessing a growth mindset. A desire to continuously improve and become masters of the craft.

The trainers at Move Right KC possess this mindset in spades. I see Tim, Dustin, and their staff continuing to ask how they could make the Move Right Experience better, how can their members achieve better results, how can they make the community the best in the area, and these are things I’ve seen them carry out in a manner few gyms do.

When you sign up for an SG6 membership, you don’t just get a gym membership. You get a progressive and personalized experience in a community that will nudge you closer to your goals than ever before. They have my strongest recommendation.”

Zac Cupples, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Move Right KC Testimonial from Zac Cupples, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

Amber’s Story

“I am forever thankful for Move Right KC! I was previously experiencing persistent low back pain after some prior athletic injuries. Injuries that required two-years of repeated time in physical therapy. However, since joining Move Right KC, I’m truly feeling better than I’ve felt in the last 5 years and am moving like an athlete again.”

Amber Karst, NP

Smarter training. Within reach.

Hiring a personal trainer isn’t something everyone can afford. Our members get a personal training experience for a fraction of the cost. Because we believe everyone deserves access to customized workouts that can change their life.

When it works, it works. Watch his story.



We’ve taken the fitness model and flipped it on its head. Personal training can happen in the fun and encouraging environment of a group, and, we’re proving it everyday. 
Scroll over the cards.


Gain insight and knowledge to your body’s inner-working.
Understand its boundaries and capabilities. Know that there is the perfect workout designed just for your body.


If you're not assessing you're guessing. That's why we require 1:1 Assessment sessions that we schedule in your Trial Membership. This informs our next steps as we craft the perfect workout for you.
Personal Training or Small Groups? We meet your needs.


Based on your Assessment we design “fixes” -- exercises that build true resiliency into the foundation of your body.


Expand your movement boundaries, the fixes are your prerequisite to building a body of integrity that will last. Don’t waste your time building a body that is a ticking time bomb.
Nagging injuries will start to fade and things that were hard will get easier. Start smart. End strong.


Be it Personal Training or Small Groups, every workout program is specific to you. Our MOVEMENT-FIRST approach means a workout that builds your strengths and solidifies your weaknesses.


Your Program is totally customized for you and changes right along with you so you can achieve your specific goals.
Better movement, Weight loss, Total Wellness, Strength, Stamina or Sports Performance.
We will guide you exactly where you need to go.


Never more than 6 people, this is what we do best.
Experience the quality of a gifted Personal Trainer with a supportive community to train alongside you. So much different than the typical fitness class.


Convenience matters -- no more scheduling your day around a specific class. Several Small Group offerings make it easy for you to fit fitness into your busy life. Just download the app and schedule away. Because as important as it is to you, it's even more important to us.


Movement first means prioritizing how your body is supposed to work before we do the typical personal trainer thing.

Our process is driven by the constant pursuit of your long-term health and well-being. You deserve to be able to workout without worrying about when pain may derail you. That’s why we’re bringing fitness back to its roots of moving your body right, the way it’s designed to move. Our process is driven by the constant pursuit of health AND fitness. It empowers you to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted to live — one that reaches beyond the gym. Join us on the journey to a place where you can live the life you’ve imagined.


Contact Move Right KC

7331 W 79th St.
Overland Park, KS 66204

P: (913) 242-7694

E: moc.c1552925019kthgi1552925019revom1552925019@ofni1552925019 

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