How to use this billion dollar habit to make you successful

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure

Desire > Fear

Habits will make us or break us. I learned something new about a habit I preach while reading this blog  7 Powerful Habits of Self-Made Billionaires That Will Immediately Improve Your Life. And while it didn’t necessarily surprise me, if definitely gave me pause. Exercise is the third most import habit of becoming a self-made billionaire. Number three!

Right behind frugality and being a lifelong learner.

Can I just say it again? Exercise is the third most important habit of becoming a self-made billionaire. For example, Sir Richard Branson touts the importance of regular exercise saying it adds four extra hours of productivity to his day.

Over my twenty-plus year career as a personal trainer, I’ve trained more than a few millionaires. I’ve even flown on private jets across the pond on a few different occasions with clients. Here’s an interesting lesson. The wealthier my client was, the more they would listen to my fitness instruction. This should tell us something.

If exercise is such an important habit of building wealth then why aren’t more people doing it?

Supposedly they are. Health club memberships are at an all-time high at 60.87 million. So plenty of well-intended Americans belong to a gym, but here’s the catch, not all of them are going.

Here’s a fun statistic that might make your skin crawl. Planet Fitness is a 5.66 Billion dollar company that was largely built on the fact that people are not going to take ownership of their life and get to the gym. And for $10/mo. do they really care that you aren’t?

Just 33 percent of us go to our gyms on a regular basis. That means 40,782,900 Americans have gym memberships that they do not use. Why? Because they are not taking ownership of their life. (BTW do yourself a favor, click that link and be inspired, you won’t regret it). Most of us have been conditioned from a young age to make excuses when we fail. To shift the blame away from ourselves. To reach the measure of success you see for yourself you must STOP the excuse making.

We all know the things that are the keys to leading a success-driven life. We always think of them in late December and act on them in early January. The only true secret to success is that you MUST BELIEVE in yourself with every fiber of your being. It’s the bad habits that derail you and send you down the negative self-talk spiral. So again, STOP!

You must decide to follow through and make self-accountability the overarching theme in life.


Believing that you will make exercise/fitness/training/moving/being take precedence in your life.

Set a new standard in your life. Say it with me.

“My exercise regimen will not be compromised”

If you do this, you will turn yourself into a more productive asset for your company. A smarter and healthier person. Someone everyone will enjoy being around more. And most importantly, a better parent, spouse, sibling or child. Your family is the only thing that should trump your training on occasion but after you start coming home happier with new energy and vigor for life, they will not want you to begin to compromise this new happy habit.

The Move Right Premise

As the founder of a fitness studio that specializes in training the “right” way, I do take exception to the health clubs that prey on the non-attender.

Life is hard. There is no getting around it. That is why even though we have subscription memberships, we encourage you to just walk through the doors and we’ll do the rest. But you have to come and come often to get your desired results. We hold you accountable because we care about your success, always knowing that the only way we will be successful is if you are successful.

Then we can all sit back and know that if exercise is the third most important habit of a self-made BILLIONAIRE, we are well on our way.

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Tim Crough, CSCS, is the Founder and President of Move Right, a Kansas City-based training studio that builds resilient bodies for enduring fitness.

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