Physical Therapy

Restore/Thrive provides performance-based physical therapy, bridging the gap between rehab and better performance.

Sounds like what we do with training? We saw the connection and have partnered together. We’re happy to announces that we now have in-house physical therapists Dr. Tim and Jess Cummings serving our clients at the Move Right KC studio. Even better? Our members get exclusive discounts!

Collaborating with Restore/Thrive helps us to ensure that when we’re training you, we’ve talked to our medical pros to ensure you’re training for maximum performance and resilience. For instance, if that nagging knee pain is giving you fits again, we’ll discuss it with our in-house Doctors of Physical Therapy to develop a plan to heal your knee and get you where you need to be as safely and as quickly as possible.

Restore/Thrive works with you to find personalized solutions to your pain and performance-related problems in minimal visits with maximal care.

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