The SG6 Formula:

SG6 stands for Small Group of 6. Simply meaning, you train in a group of up to six members, each with your own program. SG6 teaches advanced training methods to help you achieve a superior position to train from which results in better movement and a decreased likelihood of pain.

Your program is uniquely designed for you – your body and your goals.
No other group training model achieves this.

Even better, SG6 membership equates to less than $25 a session.

Compared to personal training, SG6 gives you the same benefits for a fraction of the cost.

Sound good? We start with a 21-day on-board for $349. We designed the on-board to make sure you’ll get acclimated quickly.

Pre-Intake Form → Find out if we’re a fit? → Schedule an in-person Consult OR → Just skip to the Full Intake Form → (ok, you skipped consult) Enroll in the 21-Day Onboard here → Schedule your 90-minute assessment/programming session → Download our app → Schedule your SG6 sessions and optional Onboarding sessions


21-Day On-boarding benefit breakdown:

One 90-minute Assessment and programming session made by appointment. $150 value.
Dedicated On-boarding 50 min. training sessions. Wednesday 6:30 PM and Saturday 8 AM (highly recommended). $150 value
Twenty-one days of unlimited access to our regular SG6 Sessions. $260 value
Three one-hour passes to our Infrared Recovery Sauna. $120 value
12-week newsletter ERP (Eat Right Project), a weekly step-by-step balanced approach to better nutrition. $30 value
Eligible to attend monthly Nutrition workshops on various topics. $20 value

An SG6 session at-a-glance

Movement fixes: Upon arriving at your SG6 session you’ll work on positioning and breathing specifically to your body type. Working towards achieving the SUPERPOSITION (6-minutes).
Dynamic Warm-up: The functional movement part of the warm-up – (6-minutes).
Resistance Training: Programmed for your body’s unique movement variability and your goals. We do have a bias towards lifting heavy things, always prioritizing movement first, of course. (30-minutes).
Conditioning: We end exhausted but satisfied with fun team-oriented conditioning (8-minutes).

What’s the process to get involved?

Download our app called Glofox, then search Move Right KC. iTunes and Google Play
Create a login and password.
Select Memberships and 21-Day On-Boarding to purchase.
You’ll receive a welcome email and phone call in the next 24 hours to confirm everything with you.
This is where we will schedule your 90-min Movement Assessment/Programming session.
Be sure to fill out the Full intake form (takes 10-15 minutes) 24-hours before your Movement Assessment. The form includes goals and health and injury history that will be discussed during the assessment.

Form and function, how we teach movement differently and why you must know this! You have to tuck yourself.