The Continuing Ed Breakthrough that is The Human Matrix

A getaway to Austin that is changing lives in Kansas City.

I’d always wanted to go to Austin, TX. It’s warmer there in March, it’s supposed to be weird and my good friend moved his family there four years ago. It was time for me to visit. So I booked my first Airbnb (don’t judge) and hopped on a flight.

The goal of my trip was to find solitude and to spend time focusing on my fitness business. But to write this thing off, I needed to justify it as a business trip. So I made plans to shadow David Rascoe, a young trainer that seemed to be on top of his game in every way. I hadn’t met David but I was confident I could learn something from observing him train his clients, and as it turned out, him training me.


I pulled up to an open garage that doubled as a surprisingly nice gym.  Got a bro hug from David like we were old friends and we almost immediately started talking shop. A short time later he asks me if minded if he measures something on me,  as he begins to put his thumbs under my ribcage.  He then tells me he’s measuring my infrasternal angle. My infra-what? I literally did not know what he said. I asked him again, “what are you measuring?” Oh, ok cool, act like you know what he’s doing Tim, I thought to myself. What David proceeded to teach me was something I had never been exposed to that he told me was a game-changer for all his clients. For someone who’s been in the fitness industry for 20 years, this was very intriguing. He then proceeds to put me into what we have come to call a Loaded Bear Position it looks relatively easy but not so much.

Integrative Training

I have a four-year working knowledge of PRI (Postural Restoration Institute) and have attended two of their course. PRI had been shifting the paradigm of how I thought about exercise and training, but what I observed David doing was bridging a gap that I had yet to figure out how to bridge. Truly integrating rehab and performance concepts from a sensory (do you feel it in your left adductor and left glute medius) type of training model to a performance level training that we CSCS types tend to want to coach at.

David’s friend, Pat Davidson, also provided us with a great resource with his “Rethinking the Big Patterns” seminar that speaks to this.

Zac Cupples

David went on to tell me to look up a friend of his Zac Cupples. He said that Zac gave away tons of free content online that related to the why behind the infrasternal angle and breathing techniques that corresponds to either an obtuse (wide) or acute (narrow) infrasternal angle. I learned that ideally, everyone’s infrasternal angle should be dynamic and not stuck in angles of extremes. That sounds great but there had to be a good reason to use this with our members.  It turns out there is. There is a relationship between the infrasternal angle created from the false ribs to the position of the pelvis. If we change the infrasternal angle we change the pelvic position along with it. This really got my attention and if you’re a trainer, coach or clinician reading this it should get yours!

Daddy-O Pops

Zac comes from the Physical Therapy tree of who Zac affectionately refers to as “Big Daddy Pops” Bill Hartman, one of, if not the most, intelligent players in the physical therapy, movement, and structural fitness realm. And from what I later learned the man who started a lot of this infrasternal angle talk. So for me, that gave Zac big-time automatic street cred. And over the last several months, we have learned so much from Zac, both from his entertaining videos and from personal mentorship calls with our Move Right KC programmer Dustin Yantzi. Zac distills difficult concepts down to more easily understandable nuggets of information that we have applied for our members with tremendous success. They are moving better than ever with less compensation and less pain. Giving them more confidence and strength for both the gym and life.

The Human Matrix Workshop

Although we have learned a lot from Zac’s teachings from his videos we are most excited to learn from him in person  – and you can, too. Zac has created a dynamic seminar called The Human Matrix that he will be presenting in Seattle, Portland, and yes, right here in Kansas City at Move Right KC. If you’re a strength coach, a personal trainer, an athletic trainer, a chiropractor, or a physical therapist, you need to seriously consider enrolling in The Human Matrix. I’m positive it will change how you approach your athletes, clients, and/or patients.  

For us at Move Right KC, The Human Matrix fits right into our goals as a company and even our mission statement: Movement-based personalized training to create durable bodies for adventure, sport and beyond.

Our primary goal is to maximize the impact we can have on our members by giving them the best exercise solutions so that they can accomplish their goals. Primarily this means we first have to prioritize movement thereby minimizing injury risks and eliminating preventable pain.  

If you think your chiropractic or PT practice or fitness business could use this knowledge to benefit the people you serve, first, check Zac Cupples out on his website and YouTube page.  After which I’m certain you’ll want to learn from this dynamic and entertaining teacher. The Human Matrix will have so much good content to offer. It’ll be like getting the best of the best workshops in one. How do I know? Because Zac’s been to that many continuing ed courses.

So come and hang in KC with us on October 27th and 28th at Move Right KC, for the Human Matrix located at 7331 W. 79th St in beautiful Downtown Overland Park, KS.


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