The magic of moving right will make you stronger

Training movement will train muscles

Ancient muscle was movement-based.

Movement-based fitness is not an approach I’ve always taken. In fact, I had to tear my Achilles tendon before I gained the humility to understand the impact that movement has on strength training, and, how it could benefit my clients and myself.

When I used to hear the words movement and fitness put together, I’d think of things like yoga, pilates, and barre. Resistance training never entered my mind in relation to movement and training. In fact, as a young coach, I remember early in my strength and conditioning career (my mid-20’s) visiting Kansas City’s Nelson-Atkins art museum where I saw an exhibit on ancient Greece. I remember wondering how these ancient athletes and warriors became so muscular without modern training methods.


Training muscles won’t train movement

Build muscle that helps you move better.


The sport of bodybuilding was very popular in my formative years. People like Arnold, Lou Ferrigno, and Ronnie Coleman were shaping my thoughts. Their philosophies? Resistance training of individual muscles to be as and strong as possible. I bought it back then. And got right to work training my middle-school biceps. Curls! Protein shakes! Spinach!


Once strength coaching became my profession, I didn’t subscribe to bodybuilding as being a useful way to train sports performance but my focus wasn’t a movement-first one either. I took from the philosophy of Olympic weightlifting and introduced that to my college weight-rooms. With all the research behind it, I figured there was no other way.

Learning the hard way

Now there are better ways to learn lessons than tearing the largest tendon in the human body. But I’m pretty hard-headed and after sitting next to the brilliant former athletic trainer from Sporting KC at a clinic, I

Moving powerfully but not right, could mean major injury.

was taught that if the body moves with better alignment and synergy, non-contact injuries like mine can be mitigated and if the body is trained to move right, very preventable.

Now retraining the body’s movement patterns is easier said than done and there is more than one way to skin this cat. But the bottom line is that movement-based fitness is not void of weights or intensity. It can be as grueling as you want it to be. As long as your approach as a coach is movement-first and focused on controlling all planes and ranges of motion. 

Moving right to train right

Movement-first means you are setting or resetting your body movement system. It means that you are not only acquiring a better range-of-motion, but you are learning how to control through that range-of-motion. This is similar to rebooting your corrupt computer system. As a result of sedentary lifestyles or incorrect exercise methods and bad training habits, most of us just don’t move right. I didn’t, and, I suffered a painful rupture with lots of time lost and difficult rehab. However, I now see it as a blessing. It was worth it because now I can help folks avoid this same fate. Making sure you’re moving right is the key that unlocks the door to training at your maximum capacity.


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